The 10 Best Foam Sneakers to Buy Right Now

Temperatures may be dropping, but the foam sneaker trend isn’t cooling off yet. Even as Salehe Bembury’s Crocs Pollex Clogs and the Yeezys Cheap Foam Runner become the sort of pairs you see people wearing every day, the practicality and convenience of keeping a pair in rotation is hard to top. You don’t have to be headed to the pool; sometimes you just want to hit the door without lacing up a pair of sneakers, and that’s fine. Thankfully, the trend has become widespread enough that there are a good amount of options to choose from. Whether you want to go with a popular option like Bembury’s aforementioned Crocs Pollex collab or switch things up with something more unusual, you’ll find those and more here. And don’t worry, we’re not going to recommend you cop the Big Red Boots—those aren’t sneakers, anyway.

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Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog

Salehe Bembury’s footwear resume includes stints with Yeezy and Versace, as well as multiple New Balance collabs, but he may have had the most impact with his ongoing Crocs project. The designer’s Pollex variation of the iconic Crocs Clog modernized the silhouette and helped drive the foam shoe trend that’s permeated the industry these past few years. The model is available in a wide variety of colorways, offering both subtle and bold options. 

Crocs Echo Clog

Crocs’ standard Classic Clog has gone from sartorial abomination to being fully embraced by the fashion set over the last decade, but it’s a little too mainstream to include on this list. Instead, the Crocs Echo Clog is a decent way to switch things up while still taking advantage of the brand’s comfortable foam construction and “sport mode” strap. This Echo version adds a drop-in footbed for comfort and is aesthetically a step up from the standard pair. 

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner

We won’t blame anyone for abstaining from Yeezy-related footwear given all the terrible choices their name has made in the past few years, but if you’re not trying to make any moral judgments about what you wear on your feet and who it comes from, this is still an amazing model. It set the tone for the current wave of cool foam shoes and even years after its debut, looks otherworldly, like something those recently unearthed "aliens" who were chilling with congress in Mexico might wear. 

Brain Dead x Oakley Paguro

Since Spring 2022, Brain Dead and Oakley have been working together to bring back some of the latter’s cult favorite footwear models of the 2000s era, like the Flesh and Chop Saw. The linkup has also produced a brand-new model in the Paguro, a mule that combines two densities of cushy EVA foam for a look that’s unlike anything else on this list. These are a good choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the comfort of the foam shoe wave without wearing a pair everyone else is going to have. 

Nike ISPA Universal

Nike’s experimental ISPA line has been hit or miss. Some of the pairs are a little too out there for the everyday consumer, while others push the boundaries of design yet still remain easily wearable. The ISPA Universal falls into that second category. A cork insole gives them some added comfort (and moisture absorption), and each pair comes with an extra set so you can swap them out once they get worn down. And eco-conscious consumers will be glad to know this pair’s foam is partially made from sugarcane as part of Nike’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. 

1017 Alyx Mono Slip-On

Because making foam shoes is so relatively easy compared to making full-on sneakers—the latter generally require way more components—there is a pretty wide range of brands playing in the genre right now. Matthew Williams is coming at it from a couple directions, working the foam slides with Nike that you’ll find elsewhere on this list and also crafting this sleek EVA foam silhouette with his brand Alyx. The shoes are even made in Italy, if that does anything for you. 

Suicoke Cappo Loafers

Suicoke’s Moto sandals have long been a staple in the streetwear scene, so it’s no surprise that the popular Japanese brand would have some additional slip-on options. These Cappo Loafers feature EVA rubber uppers, thick midsoles, and a removable heel strap that can be left at home when the chance of needing to engage sport mode is low. 

Nike MMW Slide

Part of Nike’s ongoing collaboration with 1017 Alyx 9SM designer Matthew M. Williams, the MMW x Nike 005 Slide takes breathability to new heights with perforations all throughout the upper, even extending to draining holes beneath the foot intended to keep the wearer cool and dry. Retailing for $190, these can now be found on the secondary market for under the original price in nearly every colorway. 

Merrell Hydro Moc

OK so I’m a recent convert to the foam shoe trend. I never thought I’d go full in. I wore the Yeezy Foam Runners before, mainly because the first pair was inspired by Armenia. But I happened to get a pair of the Hydro Mocs and am all in. They’re slimmer and sportier than the Crocs and look cooler, at least to me. They come in a handful of tie-dye-ish colorways and look like you can actually wear them outdoors, not just in a kitchen or with sweats. Be forewarned, they may start as your backyard grilling shoes and turn into your everyday footwear. 

Fear of God California Slip-On Mule

There are levels to these foam shoes. There are Crocs that everyone has, and that everyone can shell out the $50 for, and there’s Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Mules, which will set you back nearly 200 big ones. And to some, it’s totally worth it. They look beautiful and come with the prestige of being FoG. That’s enough for some. Heck, they’re cool enough for Samuel L. Jackson. And that’s one cool dude. 


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