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Will remaining Adidas Yeezy sneakers be sold in 2024? Adidas outlines plan for inventory

 After a temporary suspension in the retail of Adidas Yeezy footwear back in November, stemming from the ongoing crisis in the Middle East, Adidas has recently announced that the iconic Adidas Yeezy Cheap footwear line is poised to make a return in 2024. The company's just-released annual financial report for 2023 revealed that Adidas exceeded revenue and operating profit expectations in the fourth quarter. This success is attributed to the strategic decision not to overlook the majority of its remaining Yeezy inventory. The Three Stripes label appears to have reevaluated the significance of Yeezy products in its overall business strategy, signaling a renewed commitment to the iconic line. In the upcoming year, the German sportswear brand is set to liquidate the remaining Yeezy products in its inventory. Nevertheless, the label's CEO has shared that the existing Yeezy stock would, at a minimum, be priced to cover expenses. In November 2023, the Three Stripes brand disclosed th

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